Why Scotland should support Olympic football

Olympic Rings at St. Pancras Photo by Jennifer FlueckigerThe Olympic draw was today and Hampden, Scotland’s national stadium, will host its first women’s game ever, USA v. France, on July 25. Olympic football is a controversal topic for Scottishfootball fans. The Scottish Review has kindly published some of my thoughts on the subject. Follow the link below for the full article.

Mention the Olympics to many football supporters in Scotland and you will most likely encounter a frown. The Scottish Football Association and a chorus of commentators suggest that a Team GB threatens the future of the Scotland team and that football should not be an Olympic sport.  
     Whatever the truth is with these claims, the situation is casting a shadow over a competition that provides an unprecedented opportunity to promote the sport and inspire many young players, especially girls. Many Team GB critics complain that the media and others neglect Scotland. These same critics have neglected to address how the decision to shun the Olympic team hurts the women’s game. 

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