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Kelly Smith, footballer: her story

What is the price of following a sporting dream? For most it will be countless hours of hard work; single-minded, selfish, and lonely dedication to developing themselves to be the best player they can be; often sacrificing family, friends and even … Continue reading

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Is it really all about sex? Women’s sport and media coverage

I had a surprise last weekend. Right there in the middle of the BBC sports update was a story about the England Cricket Team — the women’s England Cricket Team.  Not only were women playing cricket right there on my … Continue reading

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Rangers Chief willing to sue to ensure sex equality in football

Last week Glasgow Rangers Chief Executive Charles Green announced that he wanted sex equality in the game so much that he was willing to go to court to get it. Really? No, of course not. What Mr Green said was … Continue reading

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Taking Part

I wanted a copy. I am sure it had never happened before while looking at someone else’s holiday snaps, but right there in the middle of the 689 of my sister-in-law’s shots from South Africa I saw an image that … Continue reading

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Making history and the Tartan Army’s newest recruit

“Yes,” she had a firm, almost defiant tone. “I’d really like to go.” This was not the usual “date” I went on with my mother-in-law.  We’d been to games before—occasionally, as the family has Falkirk season tickets—but always flanked by the … Continue reading

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Women’s game dates back to 1629, says “First Ladies of Football” exhibition

Many would be forgiven for thinking that women’s football/soccer is a relatively new phenomenon.  However, according to groundbreaking research conducted for the “First Ladies of Football” exhibition at the Scottish Football Museum in Glasgow, Europe’s first recorded women’s football game was … Continue reading

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Let them play: FIFA’s Olympic headscarf ban denies Iran

You’d think Iranian women players had enough going against them without FIFA adding to their troubles.  Playing soccer/football has been impossible for many women in Iran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 which brought in strict rules about the segregation … Continue reading

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Why Scotland should support Olympic football

The Olympic draw was today and Hampden, Scotland’s national stadium, will host its first women’s game ever, USA v. France, on July 25. Olympic football is a controversal topic for Scottishfootball fans. The Scottish Review has kindly published some of my thoughts … Continue reading

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Challenging 4 myths about girl’s football

Recently I came across some research that asked nearly 900 soccer players (aged 11 to 18) at a top-level competitive tournament in the U.S. about their motivations, attitudes and behaviours in relation to the game.  The results challenge a number of myths … Continue reading

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Can girls handle tough coaching? Yes, says a book that follows an u14 US team

“Confrontation? The modern coaching handbooks confirmed that it didn’t work. Girls just closed down and tuned out, their self-esteem too brittle to handle the challenge. . . . And sure enough the first practices after the confrontation seemed to prove … Continue reading

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